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The royal family has just become a lot more glamorous with the arrival of Meghan Markle. As 29 million Americans and 18 million Brits tuned in for the opulent, decadent but still personal wedding with some unique touches, it became clear that Meghan is a strong and sophisticated woman. Her new husband’s eyes filled with tears as she walked down the aisle, as impressed as we viewers were with the simple dress and relaxed hair style and the fact that she kept her make-up light to let her natural beauty shine through. Not many people could make such a low-key look work for such a major occasion.

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And of course, then there was the second dress where she wasn’t afraid to show off her gorgeous figure. In the second outfit, she was every inch the glamorous TV star that we’ve gotten to know through her time in Suits. This look suited her more, in our opinion. With the big ceremony over and no longer having cameras follow her every move, she was free to relax and party with her new husband and all their friends. She might have also been annoyed that some of her hair had come loose throughout the wedding ceremony so the second hair style was a lot more chic and perfectly matched to her halterneck evening gown.  
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Fancy copying the second do? Here’s how:    

1) Start by parting your hair down the centre.  

2) A couple inches back from the start of your parting, grab a 4-inch section of hair. Using a texturizing spray, spritz the bottom of the section from behind. Then use a teasing comb to backcomb the hair to create texture. Keep this very close to the roots.

 3) Repeat this process (section, spray, tease) with small sections until you reach your crown. Flip your hair back over and smooth out the top so that there’s no bumps (but don’t brush out the volume).   4) Scrape the rest of hair back into a pony tail low down at the back of your head  

5) Spritz the length of your ponytail with a texturizing spray to add grip and texture, then twist it up into a bun. Using bobby pins that match your hair colour, pin the bun into place

6) Finish by pulling out a few face-framing pieces in the front and you’re ready to be a Princess.     And let’s just take a minute to admire the make-up which was created by Daniel Martin, who met Meghan through Suits. He works regularly with Dior beauty and used Dior products for that soft, illuminous and peachy look that really suited the royal bride.  
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Martin kept Markle’s skin fresh, with just a touch of concealer under her eyes. Her freckles were visible and her skin looked luminous. Her eyebrows and eyes were the main focus of the look. Martin swept a gray eyeshadow across her eyes and piled on the mascara, then filled-in her eyebrows with a warm brown powder to define them. Her cheeks had a subtle flush of peach color, while her lips were covered with a light pink shade. It appeared to be tapped on with a finger to give a stain-like effect instead of a wash of opaque color. It was actually a mix of two colours -Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Sheer Chestnut Kiss from Honest Beauty Lipstick and Dior Lip Glow in 004 Coral.   lipstick_meghan_markle_8039.jpeg_north_663x_white   These are the eye products consisting of Dior Backstage Eye Palette in Warm Neutrals 001, the Diorshow On Stage Liner in 091 Matte Black, the Diorshow Iconic Mascara in 090 Black and Truly Lush Mascara from Honest Beauty:  makeup_yeux_meghan_markle_9119.jpeg_north_663x_white 
It wasn’t just Meghan who was in the spotlight on the day as cameras followed every guests arrival from Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams to Victoria Beckham and Meghan’s Suits co-stars. Did you see anyone with a particularly perfect hair style? The Sinead Kelly London team have to hand the award for Most Elegant Guest to Amal Clooney who glowed in canary yellow next to Gorgeous George.  
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Amal oozed old school Hollywood glamour with loose, neat waves that framed her face. Her hair looked super healthy and shiny and you could tell she felt comfortable. If you’re not a fan of up-dos, Amal’s look is easy to recreate and here’s how:

1) Amal’s hair is full of volume, so if you need more volume blow dry your hair with a thickening / volume product for a glossier, more polished finish. Use a shine serum to ensure that it looks healthy.

2) Separate your hair into square sections and start curling medium sized sections. Make sure you curl in the same direction! We recommend a one-inch barreled curling iron for a looser wave.
Once you’ve curled your whole head, spray lightly with a medium hold hairspray to help keep the waves in place.

3) Take a brush and fully comb through the curls. At first this will feel weird — after all, you’re ruining all your hard work — but trust that it will work. The goal is to unite all the individual curls into one smooth wave. If you find the curls separating at the bottom, backbrush underneath the hair and it should keep them in place

4) Spray with a firm fix hairspray.

May 23, 2018
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