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    Sinead Kelly London Launches #SKShowsYou


    After re-launching the salon’s website and blog earlier this year, we thought it was time to shake up our social media accounts. Sinéad Kelly London never does things by halves!

    The first change you’ll notice is on our Instagram account. Follow SineadKellyLdn if you’re not already doing so, which will be taken over by Sinéad herself and she’ll be sharing everything! From hair, beauty and fashion to family life, you’ll see behind the scenes and follow her daily antics. This is not a faceless Instagram – this is real-life! Plus she’ll show you the salon team’s personalities as well as hairstyles that they’ve created in the salon that we hope you’ll find inspiring. From festival braids to colour to big bouncy blowdries – you’ll find it all on our new Instagram.

    The second change is on our the Sinead Kelly London YouTube channel (please subscribe!) Salon founder Sinéad Kelly will be doing regular How To videos to show everyone at home how they can look more glamorous and feel more confident with their hair. Sinead’s a busy mum of two with several projects on the go and yet she finds time to do her hair. She’ll be explaining her secrets – just like you can see in the video below – and the best news is that you don’t need to be a hair expert nor do you need to have tons of time.

    What did you think of the video? The hashtag #SKShowsYou reflects that Sinéad Kelly is demonstrating what to do.

    And if you can’t wait for the Instagram videos on YouTube, there will be daily Sinéad Kelly Ldn Instagram Stories. We like to have fun on Instagram as you can see by some of our fave pics:


    Salon staff recreating the Charlie’s Angels pose


    Experimenting with colour and braids for the ultimate festival fashion

    Experimenting with colour and braids for the ultimate festival fashion



    Vas Mikelides’ ‘Metallurgy’ collection


    Sinead during a video shoot showing how to create braids

    Sinead during a #SKShowsYou video shoot showing how to create braids



    The team at the L’Oreal Colour Trophy London heats, which we won in 2016


    We look forward to receiving your comments. If you want instructions about a particular hairstyle or need hair advice, just leave a comment on our YouTube channel or Instagram post and we’ll always reply.

    May 12, 2017

    Spring Hair Trends


    We spring clean our homes and our wardrobes, but what about our hairstyles? If you are feeling a bit fed up of your hairstyle, now is the time to change it!

    As the sun’s coming out and we’re starting to wear spring and summer outfits, it’s the ideal time to give ourselves a fresh new look. Giving yourself a fringe or changing your colour can dramatically change your mood and your attitude and make you feel confident and ready for whatever the season holds.

    Here are our picks of the most fabulous five new hairstyles to try this Spring:

     (1) The Bardot Fringe

    It’s time to go a bit continental this spring and look at how chic French ladies are wearing their hair. Paris fashion week saw lots of elegant women with long wide fringes parted in the middle, echoing back to Brigitte Bardot. This trend is also popular with celebs like Chloe Grace Moretz (above), Taylor Swift and Penelope Cruz.

    If you like this style, make sure you choose the right fringe for your face shape as some of us better suit blunt fringes. A consultation with your stylist at Sinéad Kelly London will help you find the perfect fringe for your face shape.

    The Modern Bob


    A bob never goes out of fashion but this season we’ll see a different line in it to make it softer and more feminine, just like Keira Knightley’s cut.

    Rather than a classic one-length bob, we’ll see shorter back and longer sides or a more pageboy look with soft layered texture to enhance the movement of the hair cut. You’ll find a cut like this super easy to maintain for effortless elegance – day and night.

    The Layered Lob


    This is taking the lob from last year and modernising it with some choppy layers. It’s a little messier and more undone.

    The key characteristic of this long bob are that goes from shorter at the back to longer at the front. Also, soft layers are incorporated throughout to give it movement. Thankfully, it’s a super easy style to maintain. Simply use a flat paddle brush to blow-dry, then follow up with a one-inch curling wand to create some movement and show off those layers.

    Hair contouring


    Hair contouring uses freehand coloring and highlighting to enhance face shapes. Highlighting and shading certain parts of the hair can create the illusion of a different face shape, depending on what you want to accentuate. Just like the makeup technique, light shades are for highlighting and darker shades are for creating a shadow effect. Check out Chrissy Teigen for a great example of a celeb that’s contoured their hair.

    Everyone know what they do and don’t like when they look at their face in the mirror; you dress to accentuate your best assets and do your makeup to highlight the features you love the most. Colour contouring is a way of doing this with hair colour and gives us the ability to soften areas and highlight others.

    White Hot

    If subtlety isn’t your thing plus you’re cool with being high-maintenance, then high impact platinum is an excellent option. Going much lighter and significantly brighter will definitely be a trend this season and into summer. It’s a bigger commitment all round but makes a serious statement. This is not a style to be tried at home as it’s easy to get wrong and this will severely damage your hair. Get it done at Sinéad Kelly London, where we have Olaplex to keep the condition of your hair healthy and shiny.

    Which spring style do you most like the look of?

    April 26, 2017

    Most Stylish Celebrity Mothers And Daughters

    At Sinéad Kelly London, we love making all mums feel more glamorous and confident about their hair. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve let things slide or how much of a rut you’re stuck in – there’s always time to change things.

    In honour of Mother’s Day on 26 March we’ve been looking through some pictures of gorgeous celebrity mums and their daughters and we’re happy to see there are lots of examples of ladies that look just as amazing as their daughters do. After all, when you get older you know what suits you more.

    Here are five fabulous famous mother-daughter pairings that we can use as hair inspiration:

    Reese Witherspoon and Ava Witherspoon

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.14.04

    Yummy mummy Reese has luscious light blonde hair, which is in great condition. Sometimes she blow dries it straight but when she’s relaxing at home with her family, she shows that it can look lovely with beachy curls.

    Her lookalike daughter has the same type of hair with a more modern colour. As you know, we won the L’Oréal colour trophy for our blue bob – we love to have fun with hair too. However, we did this will keeping the model’s hair healthy and shiny, showing colour does not have to damage hair and in fact can enhance it.

    Yasmin and Amber Le Bon

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.16.18

    Apart from the fringe and their naturally straight hair, Yasmin and Amber don’t look that much alike but they’re both hair role models in their own right. Yasmin is 52 but there’s not a wrinkle, not that you can see one under her fringe, which keeps her youthful.

    Meanwhile Amber’s candyfloss pink hair is very refreshing for spring. Amber dyes her hair a lot, almost enough to match her hair with her outfit and her lipstick. Sometimes, it is good to experiment.

    Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson


    The blonde bombshells of Hollywood, Kate and Goldie always look party-ready. With big bouncy blowdries and big smiles, you know you’d have a lot of fun if you went on a night out with this pair. Goldie shows you can look glamorous well into your 60s and notice that like Yasmin Le Bon, she also has a fringe.

    Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber


    These two are so similar! You can tell Kaia is looking at her mum for style inspiration and why not? Cindy was a supermodel and still looks super gorgeous with her highlighted brown hair. Highlights or balayage highlights make any shade of brown look more luxurious and you can really see the colour when the hair is loosely curled.

    Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.21.22

    Dakota, star of the 50 Shades of Grey movies – took her actress mother Melanie as her date to the Oscars and doesn’t Melanie look proud? Both ladies wore their hair in similar up dos with a chic French chignon at the back and then with a ruched up fringe and some hair falling around the face to soften the look. This hairstyle suits all ages!

    Now have a lovely Mother’s Day and we hope to see you in the salon soon!

    March 24, 2017

    Fabulous Irish Female Hair Inspiration

    Happy St Patrick’s Day! Our very own Sinéad is Irish and we are very proud of our Irish roots.

    As St Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating, we’re thinking about how we’ll wear our hair when we raise a toast to the Emerald Isle, and how we’ll help our customers do the same. We’re often inspired by looking closely at celebrities with great hair and as it’s the day of the Irish, today we’re focusing on the most fabulous Irish celebrities around. These influential and beautiful ladies look fabulous and inspire us to be more experimental with our hair.

    Una Healy


    The Saturdays singer turned solo star has gorgeous, tumbling auburn locks but admits she’s had a bit of help to create her signature au naturel look. It’s the hair equivalent of ‘no make-up’ make-up – us ladies know that to look natural requires a bit of preparation. Una keeps her colour shiny with regular visits to her colourist to enhance her natural red tones, and in the summer she adds some lighter shades.

    She uses Great Lengths hair extensions to achieve its long length and to create more volume. After having children, some mothers find their hair is less thick and so hair extensions can help.

    Laura Whitmore


    Laura has an amazing wardrobe, always getting onto the best-dressed lists when she attends celebrity parties. But it’s the rock chick, festival look that the I’m A Celebrity host does best – her first job was on MTV after all.

    At last year’s Coachella festival – the festival that everyone wants to go to – she looked gorgeous with loose, beachy waves.
    Naturally, Laura has quite straight, flat hair so to create this look she’s prepared in advance. The day before you want a style like this, braid your hair into a boxer braid while it’s damp. Braids are very cool at festivals so you can wear this look on day 1. Then after a day of partying you can simply wake up, untie the braids and loosely brush your hair with your fingers until the braids are loose and smooth. Finish with some shine spray to avoid frizz and you’re good to rejoin the party.

    Eimear Varian Barry

    Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

    Pictures: Eimear Varian Barry



    If you’re one of Eimear’s 72,000 Instagram followers, you’ll know that this Irish mum of two is always on the go and always looks incredible, whether she’s working on an ad, looking after her kids or travelling. She’s a real inspiration!

    Eimear has a lovely shade of blonde hair, which lifts up her face and complements her big blue eyes. Light shades can be great for mums – as long as you maintain the colour – as it makes us look brighter and more alert, even when we’ve had sleepless nights.

    Eimear is evidence that you don’t have to compromise on the condition of your hair to be blonde as her hair is glossy and shiny.
    At Sinéad Kelly London, we use Olaplex to protect the hair and some people say their hair is in better condition after that then it was when they were their natural colour.

    Saoirse Ronan


    The Irish actress looked effortlessly chic and pretty in a loose, high voluminous top knot at the SAG Awards. This style is perfect for a date night or a big night out when you want everyone to pay you maximum attention…for the right reasons.To recreate this look, apply a palm sized amount of volumising mousse on towel-dried hair. Then dry the hair with a large round brush to create a big blowdry.

    To recreate this look, apply a palm sized amount of volumising mousse on towel-dried hair. Then dry the hair with a large round brush to create a big blowdry. Next, use a large barrelled curling tong to create loose waves and texture. Take a comb and tease the roots of the hair, pulling it loosely into a high ponytail leaving some height at the front. Backcomb the ponytail and then wrap it around itself in a big deconstructed bun before securing with Kirby grips.
    Let some pieces fall around the hairline for a loose, whimsical and more effortlessly pretty look. Now secure with hairspray as even though it looks loose, you don’t want it to fall out!


    Have a fabulous night, whatever you do! We know you will as when your hair looks good, you’ll feel on top of the world before you’ve even left the house!

    March 17, 2017

    Oscars 2017: Hair Highlights

    It’s the most glamorous night of the year, and the Oscars 2017 did not disappoint! There may have been confusion on stage as La La Land were told halfway through their acceptance speech that they hadn’t won Best Picture, but the stars’ outfits were smooth and sleek.

    It’s not only inspiring in terms of fashion, but we can learn a lot from looking at the celebrities’ hair. Their stylists have designed styles that have to last all night as the red carpet starts at 4pm and the after-parties go on until at least 4am. Not only that, but they can’t afford to have a stray hair anywhere as the stars know that they’re going to be posing for photos and talking to TV camera crews all night long and the cameras always detect frizz!

    Fortunately, there were some stunning hair styles – both down and up – that we can look at and recreate for our next big night out. It’s easier than you think to look like an Oscar winner with your hair as most of the styles work because of their simplicity. Let’s have a closer look at six of the most special styles at The Oscars 2017:

    Nicole Kidman


    Nicole looked statuesque in a long beige maxi dress that had some gorgeous beading embellishment. To properly show off the detail on her dress she went for a soft up do with a loose low bun. It’s a look worn by actresses on red carepts for years as it’s not too harsh on her face but it means that she doesn’t have to worry about what her hair looks like as it’s back and up.

    Emma Stone


    The Best Actress winner has a signature style of wearing waves in her lovely red hair and she stayed true to the tried and tested at The Oscars. Sinéad Kelly London specialises in creating blowdries with a vintage wave – we can easily help you achieve this Oscar-winning hair style!

    Jessica Biel


    When you have a dress with so many sequins, you just want to let them shine, don’t you? Jessica, married to the equally gorgeous Justin Timberlake, looks fierce in her gold dress with slicked back hair. When she turned around, we could see that her hair was all rolled up in a chignon. Again, this is not a complicated look but works beautifully with her dress.

    Naomie Harris


    It was great to see a British actress at the awards ceremony and Naomie looked lovely with her hair super straight and behind her ears. The benefit of a style like this is her stylist could carry some mini straighteners in her handbag and touch it up throughout the night. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ll find this style easier to pull off for an elegant, sophisticated and neat look.

    Hailee Steinfeld


    The American actress read out the Best Actress award and got it right and she also got it right with her dress and hair. In fact, her double bun style was one of the most fashion-forward of the night. It’s fresh and fun and a little bit different. If you want to create a talking point, this is the style for you!

    Felicity Jones


    The British actress looked so pretty with her half-up and half-down style. It’s soft and feminine and because the hair’s off her face, it won’t frizz. A half-up, half-down style is a classic one for formal balls and dinners and also for wedding hair as you still look like yourself, but without the worry of frizz. What’s not to like about that?


    Who do you think had the best hair style? Does it inspire you for your next big night out? Bring a photo to the salon when you come in for your party hair and we’ll be happy to help you to look like an Oscar winner!

    February 27, 2017

    Date Night Hair Inspiration


    February is the month of love and whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your loved one or going out with the girls, you deserve to look your best.

    When your hair, make-up and dress is on point, you feel fabulous. You’ll be able to walk into any room with confidence and have him eating out of your hand by the end of the night…whether you entered with him or arrived with the girls!

    Us ladies have all the power when it comes to making men go weak at the knees, it’s up to us to make the most of what we have. At Sinéad Kelly London, we’re here to help. Here are a couple of date night looks we’ve created for our lovely customers:

    Molly May Schofield


    Molly May looked dazzling with vintage waves when we styled her for a Christmas party. She posted this photo to her Instagram account thanking our executive stylist Vas Mikellides. Vas, a former artist and illustrator, has a special talent for making hair into a work of art and after a thorough wash and dry, he used tongs to create this glamorous look, straight out of the 1920s. Molly is a blonde bombshell! What do you think?


    Holly Willoughby


    Holly trusts Sinéad Kelly London to create her a perfect look that withstands the scrutiny of HD TV. She always looks flawless and for ITV ‘s Gala party, we loved her sleek blowdry with gentle curled ends created by Ciler Peksah. This is a flattering feminine look as she has the body but she also looks groomed and thanks to a bit of haispray, this look will hold all night. If you’re wearing a striking dress like Holly is, the last thing you need is a bold hairstyle to detract from the dress so this softer style complements the outfit personally.


    Whether you want vintage waves like Molly, soft waves like Holly or maybe something smooth and straight, give the Sinéad Kelly London team a call and we’ll talk you through the options to find the ideal hair style for your dated night look.

    February 13, 2017

    Treatments To Make Your Hair Look And Feel Fabulous

    In January, we look after our bodies by eating well and reducing our alcohol intake and some of us try to look after our minds by going to bed earlier and taking more time to relax. But are you looking after your hair the way it deserves?

    Just one simple treatment can revolutionise dry hair and give you rich, thick luscious locks. We offer some powerful treatments in-salon that will transform your hair without any side-effects. Here’s a little guide on ways we can help you make you hair shinier and thicker, even if it’s coloured:


    HERO LOreal Professionnel DM 1

    Have you seen the latest pics of Danni Minogue (above)? She went from dark brown to bright blonde and her hair is still shiny. The secret is the L’Oreal SMARTBOND treatment, which protects bonds for stronger hair fiber during lightening services. We use it in the Sinead Kelly London salon during the colouring process to help our clients achieve beautiful colour without any damage.

    We used it on our model Natasha when we took her from dark brown to blonde and then blue for our L’Oreal Colour Trophy entry and we won at the UK finals and the International finals (recap on that win in our previous blog post). It makes experimenting with colour much less daunting, which is liberating. As you can see, Dannii suits brunette and blonde – perhaps you would too?


    OLAPLEX is used alongside colouring or lightening services, especially on bleaching and highlights to keep hair super soft throughout. Once you’ve used it once, you’ll be so amazed by the condition of your hair that you won’t look back and will shout it from the rooftops.  The Kardashians are big fans. Kim used it when she transformed to platinum blonde during a Paris Fashion Week and Khloe uses it all the time.


    The science behind OLAPLEX is that it targets hair strand structure, reconnecting bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring. It’s a three step process. The first part of the treatment, is mixed into the bleach, powder lightener, or hair colour, and applied to the hair. No. 2, is done in-salon as well and is needed to complete the colouring process. After the colour has been applied and “cooked”, your colourist will take you to the bowl and rinse the colour out of your hair — just a rinse, not shampooing. Hair is then towel-dried and No. 2 is applied to the hair and left on for a minimum of 10 minutes to rebuild any bonds broken by the colour. Then it’s back to the bowl for a rinse, shampoo, and conditioning. No. 3 is given to you in a bottle to take home to apply once a week and it protects against heat damage as well as colour damage.






    Have you noticed your hair is thinning as you age? Or have you suffered some post-pregnancy hair loss, which is very common? We can help you get back your usual thick, glossy mane thanks to Serioxyl. This treatment gives thinning hair a new lease of life by improving the look of the hair fibre density. We’ll analyse your hair in the salon and then design the perfect fuller hair service for you. There’s no need to feel ashamed – the shame is suffering in silence. After one course of SERIOXYL, you’ll want to shake your thick hair everywhere you go and all your friends and family will be asking for your secret.


    Alternatively, there are a couple of ways to look after your hair at home using natural ingredients. If you fancy a bit of DIY beauty, we recommend:

    (1) The olive oil mask



    1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

    2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

    ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon

    Simply mix all these in a jar / bowl and apply to the hair after shampooing and conditioning your hair as normal. Comb onto the hair from root to tip, then roll your hair up and place under a plastic shower cap. Leave on for 20 minutes – just enough time to make and enjoy a cup of tea – and then rinse.

    Baking soda is a natural cleansing ingredient that absorbs oils, grease, and product residue from your hair. Olive oil is filled with antioxidants great for fighting dandruff and dry scalp. The oil can prevent hair loss by reducing the chances of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production (a hormone that decreases the hair follicle shaft growth which can cause hair loss). Cinnamon contains organic compounds eugenol and cinnamaldehyde which are antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. This is said to prevent fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. Mixed together, these three simple products will give colour-treated and dry hair a new lease of life!


    (2) The coconut oil mask



    100ml honey

    50ml coconut oil

    Simply pour honey and coconut oil into a pan and heat it on a stove until it’s melted. Allow the mixture to be cool to the touch and then apply it on dry hair, split ends and scalp. Massage with your fingers and leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing it out. Put on a plastic hair cap while the mixture is on your hair to keep in the heat.

    The coconut targets dry, damaged hair while honey ensures the hair is coated from root to tip. Your hair will feel so silky after this treatment!


    If your hair needs a little TLC, it’s easier to fix than you think. There’s a cure for all issues from dry, coloured hair to thinning hair. Can’t put your finger on what your hair needs? Book an appointment and the Sinéad Kelly London team will recommend the perfect treatment for you to make your hair glossier and you happier.

    January 27, 2017

    Golden Globes 2017: Party Hair Inspiration

    The Golden Globes has kicked off awards season in style! Every year, there are several awards ceremonies before The Oscars climax at the end of February, which means we get to see a lot of glamorous dresses and fabulous hair and make-up ideas for the next couple of months. When the stars are invited to an awards ceremony like this it’s vital for them to look their best or it could harm their career!

    The Globes is a great event as it honours film and TV so we see even more stars than we would do at The Oscars. However, some celebs did the red carpet better than others. Below are our picks of the stars whose hair looked more than alright on the night. If you have nights out planned over the next few of months, then you can use this blog post as inspiration as hairstyles like this will be in fashion for the whole of awards season. Like one look a lot more than most? Save it on your phone and show the Sinéad Kelly team when you’re next in the salon and we’ll help you recreate that A’list style so you can arrive at your event feeling like a celebrity.

    Let’s have a closer look:

    Naomie Harris


    The Bond actress channeled the golden age of Hollywood with her hair swept over her shoulder and styles into loose waves. It’s chic and sophisticated – just like her stunning dress!
    All you need for this look is a pair of big barrelled tong. Section your hair and wrap each section round the tong and finish with hairspray. It won’t take you long, but you will feel a million dollars all night.

    Heidi Klum

    The America’s Got Talent presenter worked the classic half-up, half-down style to keep her hair neat and away from her face without it looking too severe. When some of your hair is down, it looks softer and more feminine, which is what we all want isn’t it?

    This is a really easy look to achieve. Blow dry your hair straight and then use a large brush to pull back the top and sides. Secure with a grip or a band and you’re red carpet ready!

    Reese Witherspoon


    You couldn’t get much blonder than Reese right now, and she’s chosen that hair colour as it compliments her yellow dress. She’s like a ray of sunshine on a cold red carpet! The side fringe is very trendy right now and softens the look so she looks pretty rather than bold. What do you think?

    Chrissy Teigen

    The model and new mum swept her hair back from her face in a severe ponytail. As her bone structure is so gorgeous and her make-up is on point it really suits how. It’s not an easy look to pull off as it accentuates the features but if you want to be bold and make a statement, this is a good hairstyle to do it in. The extra benefit is that when your hair is scrapes back, your dress takes centre stage and Chrissy’s ruffle dress demands attention.

    Emma Stone

    She won an award for La La Land and she gets our vote for having one of the best hairstyles of the night. Her auburn colour makes her hair super glossy and shiny. Not only does she have the uber fashionable long bob, she also looks more youthful thanks to a side fringe.

    Felicity Jones


    The British actress looks quirky and cute with a long fringe that almost covers her eyes. This is a sympathy-inducing style. It’s not wild or showy, but it kind of makes it look as if you are shy and want to hide behind your fringe. And that makes people want to take you under their wings. It’s cute!

    Sienna Miller


    Sienna’s wearing white so if she did anything too elaborate with her hair there would be the danger that she looks like she’s going to a wedding rather than an awards ceremony. She turns to the trusty hairstyle for boho babes like herself – braids. Although you can’t see the back, this is a soft French pleat with bits pulled out around the face to make it more ethereal and feminine. Sienna’s a great ambassador for British style in this look.

    Amy Adams

    Sometimes, we all just want to indulge our inner diva and Amy Adams is the ideal example. Not only is her dress sparkly and tight, but she shows it off perfectly with slicked back, super sleek hair. It’s a fabulous look for a night out and very easy to achieve with some heavy duty styling gel and hairspray on blow dried and straightened hair.

    Whose hairstyle did you like the most? We love making our clients look the best they can so if you have a particular look in mind, just let us know!

    January 17, 2017

    Hair Trends For 2017

    The New Year is a time for new starts. 2017 is time to wave goodbye to things we didn’t like in 2016 and take control of our lives.  That applies to our careers, our relationship and our appearance.

    Getting a fresh new haircut at the start of a new year can give us a bit of extra motivation because when we look the best we can, we feel like we can achieve anything. But what should we do to our hair to keep on trend and make everyone else envious?

    The Sinéad Kelly London team has the answer! Here are three hair trends for men and three hair trends for women based on the SS17 fashion shows that will get your New Year off to the best start:


    (1) Golden Bronde


    Bronde was a big trend in 2016 – a sun-kissed colour thanks to the fusing of blonde and brown. This trend is moving on a bit in 2017 with the warmer golden bronde colour. In some lighting it’s blonde. In others it’s golden brown. It’s a lovely warm tone that can be adjusted depending on your skin tone meaning that anyone can become a blonde in 2017 – it takes away the fear factor.

    Remember that the Sinéad Kelly London team won the UK’s L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 2016 and the young talent award at the World Final of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy. You can trust the team to help you get the perfect golden bronde for your hair type and skin tone.

    (2) Growing Out Shag


    The slightly unruly shag was a surprising hit haircut in 2016. Now those layers and fringes have grown out, the grown out shag is becoming a trend in its own right. With hair that hits just past the shoulders and a fringe that’s long enough to be split down the middle, the grown-out shag is the haircut to keep an eye on this year. Also, you don’t have to have had a shag to work the grown out shag. If anything, it’s a way to hint at a shag without giving it your full commitment.

    (3) Flat Waves


    If 2016 was the year of big, bouncy glam waves, 2017 calls for something more subtle. Flat waves are more dressed up than beachy waves, but less formal than the bouncy sort. Kendall Jenner wears the look very well. Her hairstylist has created a bend in her hair by pushing it upward, then sealing the shape with a few clamps of a straightening iron. Then release and repeat.

    Notice that Kendall’s ends are kept straight for the most polished finish. Also, there’s  a touch of volume in there. After curling the hair it should be sprayed with a texturizer.  Then take sections and lift them up to separate them to give an airiness to the look.


    (1) Quiffed Back Comb


    Expect the Mad Men styles that have retained popularity over the years to meet American Psycho as the sharp, shiny, slicked back cuts we’ve become familiar with retain longer finishes to play with. This is a cut to wear to the office and out to play. Loose waves boosted by Sea Salt Spray and regular blow-drying allow such a style to be worn more naturally. Opting for a deep side parting will at the same time help to maintain a defined shape and a smart/casual balance if you’re worried about losing that sense of formality.

    (2) Mid-length


    Taking inspiration from 70’s rock stars through to 90s grunge icons, this is a much more durable style than you might expect and can be worn as easily relaxed and messy as can be styled to a much sharper, neater finish. This is a great style for guys who have maybe grown their hair out over the last year and find themselves a little stuck on definition. A little work can offer new-found levels of creativity and texture.

    (3) PuffyUundercut


    The undercut is back….but not as we know it! This time there are waves on top and you notice the undercut as a rather cool afterthought. Gentlemen with curlier hair types will find this styling easier to recreate, particularly when it comes to applying product to your hair to enhance your natural waves. For men with straighter hair types, creating more texture with the layering of your hair is important and will aid when it comes to styling this cut. Keep in mind that matte hair product works nicely with this style – you want volume, not sleekness.


    We look forward to welcoming you in the salon in 2017 to help you get the hair you deserve!

    December 30, 2016

    How To Copy The Celebrities’ Up Dos

    Hands up if you want to look like a celebrity this Christmas?

    The Sinéad Kelly London team has some happy news – it’s a lot easier than you think to create a  glamorous up do hairstyle so you can be the star of the show at your Christmas party.

    If you’re wearing a sophisticated black dress then you may want to copy Heidi Klum’s chic and elegant low bun. If you’re wearing a fierce  jumpsuit or a backless dress then you can add to the rock chick vibe by putting your hair in a half-up, half-down style like Kate Hudson. Want a way to ensure that hair stays frizz free and fabulous? Then copy Beyonce with a big side plait….

    Heidi Klum




    Step 1: Use straightening irons or ghds to get your hair straight and sleek.
    Step 2: Pull hair up into a low ponytail and secure with a band the same colour as your hair
    Step 3: Pin half your ponytail into a bun and then wrap the remaining section around in the opposite direction. Finish with shine spray all over.





    Step 1: Pull all of your hair to one side and divide it into 3 sections. You’ll be starting the plait from just below your ear so it doesn’t stick to the nape of your neck and will look soft and sexy rather than severe.
    Step 2: To create the reverse plait, simply braid the 3 sections underneath each other rather than on top. Carry on until you run out of hair and secure the ends with a band.
    Step 3: Add some volume to your side sweep or fringe by popping a roller in before you start plaiting or maybe use a tong to create a soft kink.

    Kate Hudson




    Step 1: Create a centre parting about 2 inches long then smooth back the rest of your parting, adding height by backcombing the underneath sections
    Step 2: Section your hair into two – a top half and a bottom half and loosely pin the top part back using grips rather than a band to keep the look subtle and demure
    Step 3: Run tongs through the ends to create a gentle wave then fix in place with hairspray.

    Which hairstyle do you think will suit you the most?

    Alternatively, if you just want a blow dry then book into the salon so we can help get you ready to turn heads at your festive parties.

    When your hair looks good, you feel fantastic. Enjoy!

    December 8, 2016