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    Love Island: How To Do Holiday Hair


    Are you watching Love Island? Each night, more than 3.4 million people watch live and more watch on catch up as a dozen hot and fiesty, fierce and frisky 20-somethings search for their ideal partner. Along the way they clearly know that they are on TV as they make their holiday villa a catwalk for strutting their stuff in a selection of new summer dresses and bikinis with different hair and make-up styles along the way.

    By day they sunbathe and by night they party and if you’ve ever been on a beach holiday you’ll know that its a constant battle to look good both day and night. Too much sun and salt water means its difficult to stay glamorous, so how do the Love Islanders do it? We’ve picked three  examples of styles that are easy for us all to copy to add some fast glamour to our holiday hair repetoire.

    Sunbathing Hair



    Megan’s a controversial character in the villa after she stole another contestant’s man but one thing you can’t fault is her braids. Boxer braids keep hair free from frizz and out of your face to keep you feeling cooler. When you take them out, your hair will be naturally curly giving you a bit of volume for your dinner and party look. Here’s how to do the braids yourself:

    STEP 1: As with most braided styles, this one is going to work best on day old or slightly greasy hair. If you have just washed your locks but still want to give it a try, start by adding some texture to your hair with a Texturising Spray.

    When you’ve worked that in to give your hair a bit of grip, split your locks with a centre parting all the way to the nape of your neck. Secure one side in a loose ponytail out of the way and brush the other out ready to plait.

    STEP 2: You’re basically going to be doing a French plait on each side – or a double Dutch braid if you’re more confident (that’s like a backwards Franch plait), so starting on your preferred side, split a section of hair at the very front into three and begin to braid.

    Then, every time you take a section from either the right or left, add in a section of the loose hair at the side, gradually braiding all the way down to the nape of the neck.

    STEP 3: You want to think about the shape of your braid as you plait and if you want the braid to really stand out, you’ll want to keep the braid really tight and position the centre of your plait in a slight arc following the shape of the ear.

    STEP 4: Once you reach the nape of your neck, switch to a normal plait and braid all the way down, securing with a band at the bottom. Then backcomb the tail at the bottom for a bit of volume, spritz the whole braid with a light mist of hairspray to secure and repeat the whole thing on the other side.


    Night Time Hair



    A sleek ponytail looks elegant and chic on all occasions but it also hides greasy hair and it makes you look less tired as it lifts the cheekbones. It actually looks best on hair that’s not freshly washed so that it holds better. You can copy contestant Georgia’s high sleek pony by:

    Step 1: Give your hair some texture. If your hair is freshly washed and a little too smooth, add some hairspray or dry shampoo to your hair for some texture. This will allow your ponytail to stay in place all day long.

    Step 2: Next, pull your hair up towards the crown of your head. Make sure you’re pulling your hair up, not back and don’t be afraid to go higher than you would normally!

    Step 3: Holding the ponytail in place with one hand, brush out any bumps with the other hand to ensure a smooth, sleek ponytail.

    Step 4: Once you have found the perfect ponytail placement (center of your head, visible from the front), it’s time to take your hair elastic and secure the pony into place.

    Step 5: To keep your ponytail looking chic and not like you just came from the gym, take a 1-inch section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic. Secure the hair with a bobby pin to hide the elastic, pushing the bobby pin in on the underside of the hair elastic so everything is covered up.

    Step 6: For some added volume and texture, tease the ponytail with a fine-tooth comb, gently combing hair upwards and towards the front.


    All Occasion Hair



    Host Caroline Flack has nailed the hot weather hair with loose waves running through her classic bob. You can rock this style for day, embracing the salt that adds texture to the hair and then tong the hair to make the curls more defined at night-time. It’s always better to have short hair in hot weather as it’s much easier to style that hair that’s longer than shoulder length. To create all weather waves:

    Step 1 Section your hairSeparate a two-thirds section of hair and clip it up and out of the way, leaving the bottom third portion of your hair down.

    Step 2. Start curling. After spraying your hair with a heat protectant spray, take a 1- or 2-in section of hair and wrap it around the wand. Be sure to twist the hair as you wrap it – this gives an undone look to your strands when you unravel them — leaving the ends uncurled aka straight.

    Step 3 Tug on the coil. After leaving your hair on the wand for a few seconds, release the section of hair and immediately tug on the end of the curl to loosen it to prevent super-tight curls.

    Step 4. Continue to curl your hair in varying-sized sections. Alternate curling the sections in different directions (toward your face, away from your face) to create a messier texture. Also switch up the size of the sections to make your waves look more organic.

    Step 5. Leave the front pieces for last. Curl the face-framing sections of hair away from your face for a more flattering wave.

    Step 6. Finish with volume or texture spray. You can’t have beachy waves without a little texture. Spray your roots and strands with texturizing or volumizing spray to finish the look, and then break up your curls with your fingers (not a brush!) to tousle your waves.


    Happy Holidays from the Sinéad Kelly London team!

    June 29, 2018

    Inspiration From Celebrity And Blogger Dads


    With Father’s Day falling on 17 June, it’s good timing for a male-focused blog post. Men are paying more attention to their hair and fashion than ever before – there’s even a Men’s Fashion Week now which takes place between 8 – 11 June .And it’s important for women because when you look your best you want your partner to make an effort too!

    So let’s take a minute to celebrate the high-profile dads that set style inspirations at the same time as setting a good example to their children. There’s nothing more attractive than a good dad, except perhaps a good dad with exemplary style. Our top 5 dads of the moment are:


    Jamie Oliver



    He’s got 5 children but still maintains a youthful air. What we like about Jamie is that he keeps things simple. His food is all about letting high quality raw ingredients shine through and he keeps his hair long to flaunt that its in excellent condition. We do wonder if her borrows his wife Jools’ shampoo! Jamie has admitted on Instagram that he takes an interest in hair and does braids for his three daughters.

    Fashion-wise it’s all about dark washed jeans, shirts and converse – again keeping things simple. When you’ve got five children to run around after it’s almost essential to wear a hard-wearing fabric like denim.


    Father Of Daughters


    Perhaps the funniest father on Instagram, Simon has four daughters (including twins) and is happily married to midwife Clemmie. The grey hair may be showing in his beard but we like that – it shows that he’s lived a little. We like how his hair is long on top and short at the sides as this style is making a real comeback. You can show that you have hair but its easy to manage than long all over, which means valuable time saved in the mornings.

    Style-wise we’re too busy laughing at his Insta stories to pay that much attention to what he’s wearing but he’s amassed 853k Instagram followers so he must be doing something right.


    Liam Payne



    Dads can have tattoos too! Liam Payne might be a dad to one year old Bear with the gorgeous Cheryl Tweedy but he’s lost none of his swagger. His hair is short and easy to maintain – it looks like he spends more time grooming the facial hair than he does the hair on his head.

    We like the contrast of wearing preppy clothes with tattoos – it makes everyone look twice.


    Eddie Redmayne


    The Oscar winning actor became a father of two this year and it’s made him look more mature, in a good way. He may have some laughter lines but he’s had fun making memories. There’s lots of texture running through his hair, which helps hair that is naturally fine look more voluminous.

    Style wise, we rarely see Eddie out of a suit. Even when he’s dressed casually he looks smart. He has a look and he’s sticking to it and we admire that. It would feel un-natural to see Eddie in jeans and a scruffy shirt.


    David Beckham


    You can’t have an inspiring dad list and not include father of 4 Beckham. He’s had a lot of questionable hair cuts over the years but the grade 1 at the sides and long on top suits him. Using wax and spray to tease his hair upwards to create volume, Beckham oozes attitude. If you want other dads to look in the playground and think ‘he looks interesting’ then this is a style to choose but it’s not for anyone shy.

    Fashion-wise, we see Beckham in the front rows of men’s fashion week. He really cares about looking good and has a wardobe from Dior Homme and YSL to prove it. After having to wear a football kit to work for years, he likes to experiment. We think he looks best in something simple like a black t-shirt and jeans but then there’s no denying that he looked divine in a morning suit at the royal wedding. When you’re as fit as David is, all clothes look good.


    Which famous dad do you most admire? Have a lovely day celebrating the amazing men in your life and if you want to treat him to something special then book him in for a style consultation at the salon. He can even have a skype or email consultation with Sinéad herself and benefit from her 20 years of experience in the hair industry – just ask about it when you call to book and we’ll sort it out.


    Pictures: Instagram

    June 16, 2018

    Royal Wedding Bride And Guest How Tos


    The royal family has just become a lot more glamorous with the arrival of Meghan Markle. As 29 million Americans and 18 million Brits tuned in for the opulent, decadent but still personal wedding with some unique touches, it became clear that Meghan is a strong and sophisticated woman. Her new husband’s eyes filled with tears as she walked down the aisle, as impressed as we viewers were with the simple dress and relaxed hair style and the fact that she kept her make-up light to let her natural beauty shine through. Not many people could make such a low-key look work for such a major occasion.

    Embed from Getty Images

    And of course, then there was the second dress where she wasn’t afraid to show off her gorgeous figure. In the second outfit, she was every inch the glamorous TV star that we’ve gotten to know through her time in Suits. This look suited her more, in our opinion. With the big ceremony over and no longer having cameras follow her every move, she was free to relax and party with her new husband and all their friends. She might have also been annoyed that some of her hair had come loose throughout the wedding ceremony so the second hair style was a lot more chic and perfectly matched to her halterneck evening gown.  
    Embed from Getty Images   
    Fancy copying the second do? Here’s how:    

    1) Start by parting your hair down the centre.  

    2) A couple inches back from the start of your parting, grab a 4-inch section of hair. Using a texturizing spray, spritz the bottom of the section from behind. Then use a teasing comb to backcomb the hair to create texture. Keep this very close to the roots.

     3) Repeat this process (section, spray, tease) with small sections until you reach your crown. Flip your hair back over and smooth out the top so that there’s no bumps (but don’t brush out the volume).   4) Scrape the rest of hair back into a pony tail low down at the back of your head  

    5) Spritz the length of your ponytail with a texturizing spray to add grip and texture, then twist it up into a bun. Using bobby pins that match your hair colour, pin the bun into place

    6) Finish by pulling out a few face-framing pieces in the front and you’re ready to be a Princess.     And let’s just take a minute to admire the make-up which was created by Daniel Martin, who met Meghan through Suits. He works regularly with Dior beauty and used Dior products for that soft, illuminous and peachy look that really suited the royal bride.  
    Embed from Getty Images    

    Martin kept Markle’s skin fresh, with just a touch of concealer under her eyes. Her freckles were visible and her skin looked luminous. Her eyebrows and eyes were the main focus of the look. Martin swept a gray eyeshadow across her eyes and piled on the mascara, then filled-in her eyebrows with a warm brown powder to define them. Her cheeks had a subtle flush of peach color, while her lips were covered with a light pink shade. It appeared to be tapped on with a finger to give a stain-like effect instead of a wash of opaque color. It was actually a mix of two colours -Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Sheer Chestnut Kiss from Honest Beauty Lipstick and Dior Lip Glow in 004 Coral.   lipstick_meghan_markle_8039.jpeg_north_663x_white   These are the eye products consisting of Dior Backstage Eye Palette in Warm Neutrals 001, the Diorshow On Stage Liner in 091 Matte Black, the Diorshow Iconic Mascara in 090 Black and Truly Lush Mascara from Honest Beauty:  makeup_yeux_meghan_markle_9119.jpeg_north_663x_white 
    It wasn’t just Meghan who was in the spotlight on the day as cameras followed every guests arrival from Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams to Victoria Beckham and Meghan’s Suits co-stars. Did you see anyone with a particularly perfect hair style? The Sinead Kelly London team have to hand the award for Most Elegant Guest to Amal Clooney who glowed in canary yellow next to Gorgeous George.  
    Embed from Getty Images

    Amal oozed old school Hollywood glamour with loose, neat waves that framed her face. Her hair looked super healthy and shiny and you could tell she felt comfortable. If you’re not a fan of up-dos, Amal’s look is easy to recreate and here’s how:

    1) Amal’s hair is full of volume, so if you need more volume blow dry your hair with a thickening / volume product for a glossier, more polished finish. Use a shine serum to ensure that it looks healthy.

    2) Separate your hair into square sections and start curling medium sized sections. Make sure you curl in the same direction! We recommend a one-inch barreled curling iron for a looser wave.
    Once you’ve curled your whole head, spray lightly with a medium hold hairspray to help keep the waves in place.

    3) Take a brush and fully comb through the curls. At first this will feel weird — after all, you’re ruining all your hard work — but trust that it will work. The goal is to unite all the individual curls into one smooth wave. If you find the curls separating at the bottom, backbrush underneath the hair and it should keep them in place

    4) Spray with a firm fix hairspray.

    May 23, 2018

    Festival Hair: How To Create The Looks at Home


    Summertime means festival time! It all kicked off with Coachella in the US in mid-April and now it’s the UK’s turn. From May onwards, most weekends of the year will involve some kind of festival and we cannot wait!

    We love the dancing, the being outside with friends, seeing some big bands live and letting ourselves relax and wind down. It’s so nice to get out of our everyday street clothes and swap them for something light and loose. Because comfort doesn’t have to mean compromising on style does it?

    If you’re anything like us, you may start to plan your festival outfit in advance and that includes the hair style. You may have the best clothes in the world but if your hair is greasy and uncared for then you won’t feel your best and that’s why the Sinéad Kelly London team is here to help. We’ve come up with three festival hair ideas that you can do yourself so you can look like you’ve just walked out of a five star hotel when really you’re staying in a tent.

    1. Side fishtail braids



    1. Prep hair with ghd heat protect spray with UV protection and ghd total volume foam to add texture.

    2. Blow dry hair using the ghd air® saharan gold hair dryer.

    3. Section off two side panels of hair and create two braids on either side of the head.

    4. Backcomb the top section of hair to add fullness and height using the ghd narrow dressing brush.

    5. Pull the top section of hair back to the crown area and create a fishtail braid.

    6. Run the ghd gold® styler in pure gold over the remaining hair to give a smooth, straight finish that contrasts the braids

    7. Add some hair rings sporadically throughout the braids to accessorise


    2. Loose bun with accessories 


    1. Prep hair with ghd heat protect spray with UV protection and ghd curl hold spray to add texture.

    2. Blow dry hair using the ghd air® saharan gold hair dryer.

    3. Loosely curl hair with the ghd curve® soft curl tong to add movement and texture.

    4. Pull hair into a mid-ponytail, leaving front sections loose for a soft finish. Secure with a hair elastic.

    5. Twist into a loose bun and secure with pins.

    6. Add a colourful headband as the finishing festival touch!


    3. Hair jewellery and tussled waves


    1. Spritz hair with the ghd curl hold spray and blow dry into the hair, twisting sections and drying up and down the length for texture using the ghd Saharan gold air hairdryer.

    2. Create a centre parting using the end of the ghd tail comb for precision.

    3. Use the ghd gold® styler in earth gold to create the loose waves in the hair. Start by pointing the styler downwards at the root and rotate half a turn away from the face.

    4. Glide the styler pushing downwards and release the styler just before the bottom of the hair for a straighter, more modern end.

    5. On the next section, repeat the technique, but this time rotate the styler towards the face.
    TIP: Changing the direction of the rotation creates a natural texture.

    6. Continue the technique throughout the hair working in sections, always alternating the direction and leaving ends straight.

    7. Once hair is cooled, dress out the hair with the ghd detangling comb.

    8. To finish the look, add a hair chain, securing with bobby pins and aligning with the temple.

    9. Spritz with ghd final fix hairspray to ensure the style lasts all evening.


    Which look’s your favourite? If you want any advice, just call the Sinéad Kelly London team on 020 8392 2444 or pop into the salon.

    May 3, 2018

    4 Fab Spring Hair Trends


    While the Beast from the East has reared its ugly head on the weather front too many times this year, now the clocks have gone forward we’re optimistic that Spring is finally on its way. The daffodils are out in the parks and the sun’s lighter for longer – these are all things to get excited about.

    Spring is all about fresh starts, spring cleaning our homes, our wardrobes and our looks. As we update our outfits to wear lighter and more colourful items, we should take time to give our hair a new lease of life. The effect it has on our moods is always positive.

    Taking inspiration from celebrities, bloggers and the catwalks, these are the hottest colours and cut trends to try this Spring:

    Honey Blonde Hair



    It seems like everyone was dyeing their hair peroxide and platinum blonde last year. But this year we can hold the bleach and the quality of our will thank us for it. Look at  Blake Lively (above) for hair inspo – she looks gorgeous with this hair trend.

    Not a natural blonde? Take notes from natural dark haired beauties like Jessica Alba and Beyonce who both have rocked golden blonde highlights. Sinéad Kelly London are colour specialists – if you want blonde, we’ll help you find the right shade for you.


    Fringe Bobs



    Can’t decide between long and effortless beach waves or a sleek modern bob? Why pick one when you can have both because the fringe bob is officially here. Actress Nina Dobrev nails this look.

    Use a texturizing or sea salt spray to get that beachy look and feel super confident when you look in the mirror. We love how low-key this look is with easier maintenance than a blunt cut.


    Charcoal and Charcoal Balayage



    Forget silver, now charcoal coloured hair is taking over on Instagram and Pinterest. Charcoal hair color is all about creating a fantastic balance of silver, black and blue tones for a smouldering look. It’s a delicate mix of colours to create the balance, but you can trust the L’Oreal colour trophy winners at Sinéad Kelly London.

    The colour can be achieved by using a balayage technique and your stylist will hand paint the tones onto your strands. It’s a high maintenace look, but you will turn heads wherever you go.


    A Curtain Fringe


    This is the way to wear a fringe in 2018. If you’re already growing out your fringe, it’s a way to rock the in-between stage. If you’re just cutting a fringe for the first time, it’s a great option to ease you into the styling routine. Ask  for long fringe with enough weight so that the fringe can be parted in the centre or swept to the side.


    Hopefully this gives you some inspiration! If you need more, remember that you can book a virtual consultation with salon owner Sinéad and utilise her years of experience at the top of the hair industry. (More details can be found in this blog post).

    March 29, 2018

    Happy 8th Birthday To Us!


    We’re proud to announce that Sinéad Kelly London has just turned eight!

    It feels like just yesterday that the doors of the Barnes salon opened their doors for the first time. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, which we’ll go into in more detail later in this blog post.

    First, it’s time to celebrate the birthday by focusing on two special and unique perks for our customers. These will give you access to Sinéad herself, the founder of the salon, who has had years of experience at the top of the hair industry in both Dublin and London. She’s worked with celebs, she’s won awards and her name is at the top of the salon door. And yet, she’s willing to help everyone look their best without spending more money than their regular cut / colour.

    The personalised offer is either:
    1) Have a virtual consultation with Sinead over FaceTime or Skype. She will analyse your current style and advise you on how to make over your hair in a way that will make you feel confident with a new lease of life. She’ll be 100% honest so that you leave the salon with a style that you love.


    2) Email in a photo of yourself and tell us how you’d like your hair and the team will liaise with you by email or over the phone (whatever you prefer) to ensure you pick the perfect style before making your way into the salon.

    Both are super simple to book. Simply call the salon on 020 8392 2444 and pay a £50 deposit which will be taken off the price of your award-winning styling service.




    We couldn’t have reached eight years in business without the support of you, our customers, so thank you to all our friends and clients for backing us and trusting us with your hair. Highlights have included:

    Winning the L’Oréal Colour Trophy, first winning the London heats and then for the whole of the UK





    Support from clients including TV presenter Holly Willoughby, whose hair Sinéad personally looks after.




    Winning the World L’Oréal New Talent award at The Meo Arena in Portugal in front of 20,000 people from hundreds of salons from around the world.


    Growing the family with a team of talented staff plus Sinéad’s two beautiful sons, not forgetting dog Alfie



    Positive coverage in magazines, newspapers and blogs including Creative Head magazine and Eimear Varian Barry’s blog





    We can’t wait to see what the next few years bring! Thanks again for all your support.

    February 27, 2018

    Date Night Hair: Up Dos To Flatter Your Face

    You’ve got the dress, the shoes and the clutch bag but have you worked out how you’re going to wear your hair for date night yet? Changing your style from wearing it down to rocking a sleek, sophisticated up do will signify that you’ve made an extra special effort…plus you get to let it down at the end of the night.

    We know that how you feel about your hair will dictate how you feel on the date. You just can’t beat the feeling of loving what you see in the mirror and knowing that you look hot! This is why you need to chose an up do that matches your face shape and hair type. That’s where we’re here to help. Here’s a mini guide to up-dos and face shapes:


    Best For Round Faces

    If, like Emma Stone, you possess a round face, you need to focus on building weight on the round edges of the face to create structure.  A little height in the crown will elongate the face shape perfectly, and a side parting will also help to compliment your face. A messy bun is the style for you.



    Begin by loosely tonging the hair to create a slight wave and texture. Pull the hair into a low ponytail before wrapping it around itself to create a bun. Pull strands of the bun out to create texture.

    Once in place, pull the sides of your hair to loosen it up because anything too tight or flat to the head will only emphasis a round face.



    Best For Heart Shaped Faces

    A side swept fringe are the absolute perfect hairstyle for a heart-shaped face which typically has a large forehead and a narrower chin. A fringe draws attention to the side and away from the narrow chin, hiding that large or wide forehead.



    You may have a side-swept fringe already, in which case, leave it down and take the sides of the hair back to create a half-up, half-down style. You could also keep it down and sweep it up into a messy pony, a look that Reese Witherspoon rocks! If you don’t already have a fringe, you can create the illusion of them with a dramatic side-swept part. Literally part your hair at the side of your head and sweep it over, pinning it behind the opposite ear so it looks like a fringe. It’s a simple way to get a fringe without any commitment.


    Best For Square Faces

    For square faces, you’ll want to show off your strong jaw line with an updo that’s cleanly pulled back from your face. So you can try a ponytail that’s level with your eye line and keep it sleek and sultry.



    To do this, add in a defining or texturizing cream and roughly blow dry your hair. Tease it a bit for additional volume and texture and pull it back into a ponytail. You can also add a ponytail hair extension for a really dramatic look.


    Best For Oval Shaped Faces

    Oval shapes are lucky enough to suit most styles but you have to pick one, so what to choose? We like to go back to basics and revisit the French Twist. When you shake this down before bed, it gives you gorgeous volume – its very sexy, as Mila Kunis shows.



    Start by back combing your hair, concentrating on the crown and centre back of your head. Sweep all of your hair back with your hands and create the twist up the center of the back securing with bobby pins. Once secured, pull out pieces around your hairline and throughout the updo for a more casual undone feel. For a more formal and polished look, use hairspray to smooth the updo.


    Enjoy date night! Lots of love from the Sinéad Kelly London team.

    February 12, 2018

    The 3 Most Powerful Hair Transformations Of 2018

    Now January is almost over, it’s time to celebrate! If you’ve been depriving yourself with your diet or by giving up alcohol or you’ve been busy with a new set of work or life goals then it’s time to step back, look at what you’ve achieved and give yourself a little treat.

    At Sinéad Kelly London, we know the power a hair makeover can have on an individual. We’ve seen it first-hand by giving our clients’ some dramatic cuts and witnessing how it can change their lives. It’s usually given them more confidence, more attitude and a new focus to work out what’s important to them and pursue those ambitions. We won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy UK in 2016, beating thousands of other salons, for our dramatic hair makeover transforming a model with brown hair to vibrant blue hair that was glossy and shiny. Obviously blue hair isn’t for everyone, but whatever you do we’ll make sure your new hair style looks healthier than ever.



    Self-love is one of the buzzwords for 2018 and it applies to every aspect of ourselves including our hair. By taking a few hours to get our hair into its best ever shape, we’re saying to ourselves and others that we are worth it and we do deserve it and that’s a powerful feeling.

    Below, we list the three most powerful things we can do to our hair in 2018 for a dramatic but flattering transformation. At the end, we also list a checklist of how to make sure you get the results you want as we want everyone to enjoy their experience and leave feeling incredible.



    • Silver Hair

    If 2017 was the year of the grey, 2018 takes it up a not with a super shiny metallic finish. Metallics are really hot right now on make-up to clothes to nail polishes and now hair too. Just look at Insta and you’ll usually see something metallic in eveyone’s latest pic on the grid. Cara Delevingne looks particularly gorgeous with silver hair.



    For a gentle silver, use a gloss to give it a gorgeous shimmer or go full throttle and have it super extreme with a shiny silver blunt bob.


    • Bobs With Fringes

    Going short is scary, cutting a fringe is scary – having a bob with a fringe is not for the faint-hearted but you will be super pleased you tried it as it works for everyone. Jennifer Love Hewitt just nails it and we think it makes her look so youthful. She’s 38!



    Round face? Avid a block fringe and make it messier. Oval face? This cut will help you to look years younger as the fringe hides any lines on the forehead and the shorter cut brings out cheekbones.


    • Hair Contouring

    If you’ve been blonde for years, why not try brown with some subtle contours to frame your face? This year, it’s all about embracing rich, dark hues and complementing them with just a touch of lightness, like you see here on Olivia Palermo.



    A mix of dark browns and light browns is great for warming the complexion without the commitment of a full colour. The best news: this colour is super low maintenance. The colour does not require touching up nearly as much as a blonde or platinum colour does.



    1) When your hair changes, it will draw attention to your face so practise new make-up trends to feel the best about your entire look.

    2) Communicate with your hair stylist in advance. Ask them questions like:

    How flattering is the cut to my face shape? While some hair cuts look great on models or social media influencers, they’re just not practical for all of us.

    What colour will best suit my hair type? Some hair types take better to colour than others.

    How long will it take me to style? You want to make sure you have enough time in your daily routine to maintain the look

    3) Salon owner Sinéad offers a virtual consultation or an e-consultation – both at £50, redeemable against the cost of the makeover service. She has years of experience to quickly analyse whether a cut would suit a person and their lifestyle. You can email or WhatsApp a pic and converse over messages or she’ll speak to you on Skype or FaceTime. Not many other salons can offer a consultation with the salon owner and if they do, you’d usually pay a fortune. Simply mention it when you call to book (020 8392 2444) and everything will be arranged for you.


    Enjoy experimenting!

    January 29, 2018

    Hair Inspiration From The Golden Globes

    Awards season has officially started! Although it’s cold and dark in the UK, we can wake up to pictures of celebrities in Los Angeles looking groomed, glamorous and utterly gorgeous. At Sinéad Kelly London, we’re making note of how the celebs did their hair so we can recreate it later in the year. When you ask for party hair, we’ll make you look like a star.

    The Golden Globes is always the first award of the year, which makes it a special night, but the 2018 Golden Globes will go down in history for being the year of the woman. Every female celebrity wore black for the #MeToo movement – making it clear that the ladies of Hollywood would no longer tolerate inferior treatment.

    And did you see Oprah? If not, go and listen to her speech right now (you can find it online here). It will make you proud and excited about being a woman! Of course, another great thing about being female is we can experiment with different hairstyles and look a million times better simply by wearing our hair in a different style. These are the three top looks we liked from The Golden Globes 2018:


    (1) The Sleek Waves Style

    One of the most glamorous ways that the stars have worn their hair in Hollywood since the 1950s is without a doubt sleek waves. The hair is completely frizz free and really shiny but the hair has movement and body.

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    Jessica Chastain looked absoulutely incredible with her hair in this style and turned heads everywhere she went. It’s not easy to recreate at home as it takes a lot of prep to eliminate frizz and then curl the hair but its one of our salon’s specialities.  
    (2) The Messy Upstyle You couldn’t have an awards ceremony without an ‘Up Do’. When the hair’s tied back it shows off your dress and make-up better. Plus it’s easier to keep the style all night long for the awards and the after party. Rather than looking too slicked back and harsh, stars are tending to go for messier up dos to create a softer, more feminine look. Nicole Kidman had a loose chignon with hair left around her face to frame it while Angelina Jolie pinned back hair into a soft style. It was up but loosely so you could see her stunningly beautiful face.
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    (3) The Sleek Pony A ponytail is a great hairstyle for an important night out as it takes the hair off the face and looks amazing from the back and the sides. It’s a sophisticated look and makes the wearer looked groomed and glossy.
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    Halle Berry, a veteran of awards ceremonies, chose a pony for this big night out and nailed it. As you can see, this is a great hairstyle for ladies with fringes and the fringe adds an extra dimension to the shape.


    What was your favourite style? Make a note of it and we’ll help you to look like a million dollars at your next big event.

    January 8, 2018