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    The 3 Most Powerful Hair Transformations Of 2018


    Now January is almost over, it’s time to celebrate! If you’ve been depriving yourself with your diet or by giving up alcohol or you’ve been busy with a new set of work or life goals then it’s time to step back, look at what you’ve achieved and give yourself a little treat.

    At Sinéad Kelly London, we know the power a hair makeover can have on an individual. We’ve seen it first-hand by giving our clients’ some dramatic cuts and witnessing how it can change their lives. It’s usually given them more confidence, more attitude and a new focus to work out what’s important to them and pursue those ambitions. We won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy UK in 2016, beating thousands of other salons, for our dramatic hair makeover transforming a model with brown hair to vibrant blue hair that was glossy and shiny. Obviously blue hair isn’t for everyone, but whatever you do we’ll make sure your new hair style looks healthier than ever.



    Self-love is one of the buzzwords for 2018 and it applies to every aspect of ourselves including our hair. By taking a few hours to get our hair into its best ever shape, we’re saying to ourselves and others that we are worth it and we do deserve it and that’s a powerful feeling.

    Below, we list the three most powerful things we can do to our hair in 2018 for a dramatic but flattering transformation. At the end, we also list a checklist of how to make sure you get the results you want as we want everyone to enjoy their experience and leave feeling incredible.



    • Silver Hair

    If 2017 was the year of the grey, 2018 takes it up a not with a super shiny metallic finish. Metallics are really hot right now on make-up to clothes to nail polishes and now hair too. Just look at Insta and you’ll usually see something metallic in eveyone’s latest pic on the grid. Cara Delevingne looks particularly gorgeous with silver hair.



    For a gentle silver, use a gloss to give it a gorgeous shimmer or go full throttle and have it super extreme with a shiny silver blunt bob.


    • Bobs With Fringes

    Going short is scary, cutting a fringe is scary – having a bob with a fringe is not for the faint-hearted but you will be super pleased you tried it as it works for everyone. Jennifer Love Hewitt just nails it and we think it makes her look so youthful. She’s 38!



    Round face? Avid a block fringe and make it messier. Oval face? This cut will help you to look years younger as the fringe hides any lines on the forehead and the shorter cut brings out cheekbones.


    • Hair Contouring

    If you’ve been blonde for years, why not try brown with some subtle contours to frame your face? This year, it’s all about embracing rich, dark hues and complementing them with just a touch of lightness, like you see here on Olivia Palermo.



    A mix of dark browns and light browns is great for warming the complexion without the commitment of a full colour. The best news: this colour is super low maintenance. The colour does not require touching up nearly as much as a blonde or platinum colour does.



    1) When your hair changes, it will draw attention to your face so practise new make-up trends to feel the best about your entire look.

    2) Communicate with your hair stylist in advance. Ask them questions like:

    How flattering is the cut to my face shape? While some hair cuts look great on models or social media influencers, they’re just not practical for all of us.

    What colour will best suit my hair type? Some hair types take better to colour than others.

    How long will it take me to style? You want to make sure you have enough time in your daily routine to maintain the look

    3) Salon owner Sinéad offers a virtual consultation or an e-consultation – both at £50, redeemable against the cost of the makeover service. She has years of experience to quickly analyse whether a cut would suit a person and their lifestyle. You can email or WhatsApp a pic and converse over messages or she’ll speak to you on Skype or FaceTime. Not many other salons can offer a consultation with the salon owner and if they do, you’d usually pay a fortune. Simply mention it when you call to book (020 8392 2444) and everything will be arranged for you.


    Enjoy experimenting!

    January 29, 2018

    Hair Inspiration From The Golden Globes


    Awards season has officially started! Although it’s cold and dark in the UK, we can wake up to pictures of celebrities in Los Angeles looking groomed, glamorous and utterly gorgeous. At Sinéad Kelly London, we’re making note of how the celebs did their hair so we can recreate it later in the year. When you ask for party hair, we’ll make you look like a star.

    The Golden Globes is always the first award of the year, which makes it a special night, but the 2018 Golden Globes will go down in history for being the year of the woman. Every female celebrity wore black for the #MeToo movement – making it clear that the ladies of Hollywood would no longer tolerate inferior treatment.

    And did you see Oprah? If not, go and listen to her speech right now (you can find it online here). It will make you proud and excited about being a woman! Of course, another great thing about being female is we can experiment with different hairstyles and look a million times better simply by wearing our hair in a different style. These are the three top looks we liked from The Golden Globes 2018:


    (1) The Sleek Waves Style

    One of the most glamorous ways that the stars have worn their hair in Hollywood since the 1950s is without a doubt sleek waves. The hair is completely frizz free and really shiny but the hair has movement and body.

    Embed from Getty Images    
    Jessica Chastain looked absoulutely incredible with her hair in this style and turned heads everywhere she went. It’s not easy to recreate at home as it takes a lot of prep to eliminate frizz and then curl the hair but its one of our salon’s specialities.  
    (2) The Messy Upstyle You couldn’t have an awards ceremony without an ‘Up Do’. When the hair’s tied back it shows off your dress and make-up better. Plus it’s easier to keep the style all night long for the awards and the after party. Rather than looking too slicked back and harsh, stars are tending to go for messier up dos to create a softer, more feminine look. Nicole Kidman had a loose chignon with hair left around her face to frame it while Angelina Jolie pinned back hair into a soft style. It was up but loosely so you could see her stunningly beautiful face.
         Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images 
    (3) The Sleek Pony A ponytail is a great hairstyle for an important night out as it takes the hair off the face and looks amazing from the back and the sides. It’s a sophisticated look and makes the wearer looked groomed and glossy.
      Embed from Getty Images
    Halle Berry, a veteran of awards ceremonies, chose a pony for this big night out and nailed it. As you can see, this is a great hairstyle for ladies with fringes and the fringe adds an extra dimension to the shape.


    What was your favourite style? Make a note of it and we’ll help you to look like a million dollars at your next big event.

    January 8, 2018

    We Win A London Lifestyle Awards Trophy


    We have a positive update for you on the London Lifestyle Awards. Last month, we blogged about how we were shortlisted as one of the top 17 salons in London. Now we can say that we’re at the top of that list. Just look at the prize that we picked up on the night (above).

    At a glamorous awards ceremony in The Brewery in central London, Sinéad joined the best of the capital’s businesses across a wide range of industries for a night of drinks, dinner and the winners’ announcements. The room was filled with all of the best known companies in London from the celebs’ favourite nightclub Tape to hotels like The Mondrian and theatre shows like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – there were some serious movers and shakers there.

    It was actually quite nerve-wracking knowing that we were up against London’s elite, so we knew we had to put a bit of effort into getting ready so that we’d feel confident. You know that feeling of looking in the mirror and liking what you see so you feel like you fit in – we wanted that! Sinéad went for a stunning dress from Three Floor (available from ASOS), sultry smokey eyes and a long ponytail hairstyle in the end. Posing with friend and journalist Zoe Griffin, she looks so striking doesn’t she?



    The hair was the talking point as Sinéad normally opts for a classic blow-dried wavy style. Have you ever seen her with her hair in a ponytail? Or so much hair? Ok, we know she has voluminous hair but this is longer than she usually wears it and that’s because of Easilocks.




    The hair is from the Megan Mckenna Easilocks range and Sinéad made it look more interesting by styling it into a pony tail. It’s really easy to use to create attention-grabbing up-dos as well as seriously bouncy blow dries. Once in the ponytail, Sinead wrapped her own hair around it, pinned it and then created a couple of braids to make things more interesting and to add a touch of a modern-day grown up fairytale look. Kind of like a sexy version of Elsa from Frozen…




    When Sinéad Kelly London was announced as runner-up, everyone turned to look so it was worth dressing up. We shared a table with the amazing gym, The Library and The Little Library (our neighbours in Barnes). Do check out their website if you want to get in shape or just be a healthier version of yourself.




    The awards were voted for by the public, so it means a lot to receive one as it’s not just a team of judges that have decided that we do a good job, its our clients themselves and we love making our clients happy. Another special thing is that this honour shows Sinéad has been accepted in London. It’s not easy to come to London from Dublin and start up a new salon and Sinéad Kelly London has only been going 7 years. In that time, Sinéad’s had two children and got married and awards like this make it worth the hard work. Hopefully, Sinéad winning one inspires other women and working mothers that they can do something similar if they focus and stay fixed on their goals.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for us. It means a lot!

    PS Make sure you follow SineadKellyLdn on Instagram for all the latest salon news and hair inspiration.


    November 15, 2017

    Last Minute Halloween Ideas From Our Team


    Mwahhh-haha-haaaaa! The spookiest time of the year is here again. At Sinéad Kelly London, we love an excuse to dress up and Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year.

    When it comes to Halloween, there are no half measures. You have to own your look and go all out if you want respect. More is most definitely more – you have to think about face paint, body paint, clothing, hair (or wigs) and props. And then there’s the question of co-ordinating your look with the rest of your family or your crew of mates. What’s better than a witch? A witch squad perhaps, or you dressing as a witch and your partner going as a wizard.

    Have you decided on what you’re wearing yet? Here are some of the most daring, gruesome and downright freaky shots of our staff in their spook-tacular costumes from previous years to inspire you. Even if you have picked an outfit, it’s not too late to change it so you really make a statement.





    Our salon owner manages to make being a zombie look glamorous. With big hair and a red lip, this is a way to look sexy as well as scary. It’s super easy to copy – simply blow dry your hair upside down, swish through your fingers and finish with hairspray. For the face you will need white face paint for the past and lots of smokey eye and lip make-up. Again, more is more.


    Sinéad and Andy

    What’s scarier than a zombie? Two zombies, of course. If you really want to stand out at a party, why not use your partner as an accessory. Then make sure he goes all out so he doesn’t drag you down. Andy, Sinéad’s husband, looked terrifying as a zombie.



    With Andy, the devil is in the detail. Not only is the face paint gruesome, but the blood-stained shirt looks scarily realistic and the scar on the forhead adds the finishing touch. When picking your outfit, always question whethere there’s something else you can add to make it really pop out from the crowd at a busy party.

    Or you could co-ordinate your outfit with your kids. How cute does Sinéad’s son Tyler look as a skeleton?








    It’s all about the face paint for our talented Sara. She wears classic little black dresses with the scariest face make-up ever seen. Dressing as a cat was pretty mind-blowing as she managed to look both cute and sinister. A cat look is ideal if there’s someone you want to impress as it shows you’ve stuck to the theme but you don’t look as frightful as the people dressed in shapeless ghosts and sprits outfits.

    Like monochrome? Try being a skeleton. It’s actually simple to do. Start with a white base all over and then add black around the eyes and lips. Most people won’t go down to the neck so make sure you do to be extra fabulous!





    What do you call a person wearing a knife in their hair? The answer is our Sarah. She’s a style chameleon and you can guarantee you won’t find anyone else at a party in an outfit as original as this. Feel free to steal the idea!

    Hats and head accessories are a way of making sure all eyes turn as you enter a room When you experiment with these items you look like a movie star, trying to stay glam at the same time as embracing the theme. As Sarah’s hat is embellished with a pretend knife and spots of blood, you can see she’s really made an effort and it shows. However, should she want to re-use it in a few years then she can as it’s a timeless costume thanks to the black clothing. Win, win!





    Halloween is a time for blood, guts and gore and Vas pulls this off really well. The white face paint enhances his large eyes and the eye make-up makes him look old and tired (he’s actually fresh-faced most of the time). He’s also drawn his own set of lungs onto a t-shirt, showing that Halloween costumes do not have to be expensive. As long as you have imagination and know what look you want to achieve, you can make a lot of yourself and do some outfit DIY. This way, you’ll know that your outfit is unique and you won’t find 20 other people at the same event wearing the exact same costume because you were the one who dreamt it up.


    So who do you think looked the best? We hope this gives you some inspiration to get your freak on for Halloween.

    October 26, 2017

    We’ve Made The London Lifestyle Awards Shortlist


    Exciting news! We have been shortlisted as one of the top salons in London at the London Lifestyle Awards. There are more than 2000 salons in the capital and we are in the top 17, picked out by the judges for our quality styling services and friendly, modern salon.



    We started 2017 as the UK winners of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy (before we handed the trophy to new winners in June) and the winners of the Young Talent award at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy World awards and now there’s a chance that we’ll have a hat-trick of trophies. Although we’ve represented the UK at a worldwide awards ceremony and won it, which was a mind-blowing moment, the London Lifestyle Awards means a lot to us as we’re proud to be a London-based salon, taking energy, creativity and inspiration from the best city in the world.

    The London Lifestyle Awards is the ultimate celebration of the businesses, people and places that make London fabulous. It is a celebration that showcases the best of London and celebrates the fantastic achievements throughout the lifestyle industry. Now in the seventh year of operation, more and more businesses are competing to win, so to be shortlisted is an incredible honour.

    With your help, we could be top! Just click the link below and vote for us in the salon category.



    At Sinéad Kelly London, we work hard to make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling better than when you arrived. Our mission is to make you feel pampered, relaxed and revitalised. Our team are experts at colouring and cutting but they’re also warm and friendly. We know your hair is important to you and you can trust us to take care of it and help you get it into the best condition possible.

    Need a reminder of what we can do? You’ll see it all on our Instagram feed @sineadkellyldn including:

    celebrity client Holly Willoughby

    Celebrity client Holly Willoughby


    Pink pastel tones with L'Oreal's #mycolourfulhair

    Pink pastel tones with L’Oreal’s #mycolourfulhair


    Beautiful multi-tonal blonde bob

    Beautiful multi-tonal blonde bob


    Rich Autumnal tones

    Rich Autumnal tones


    So what are you waiting for? Vote for us on the London Lifestyle Awards website now.

    October 7, 2017

    Highlights Of Our Year As L’Oreal Colour Trophy Winners


    In June 2016, the Sinéad Kelly London team were crowned the overall champions at the UK L’Oreal Colour Trophy. Winning was a massive achievement as we’d beaten off more than 500 other salons in the regional heats before triumphing against the 35 regional winners at the Grand Final. Plus we were the only independent salon at the final, showing all the big chains that we know what we’re doing!



    Now a whole 12 months have passed since that memorable day, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at what we’ve achieved over the past year. As Creative Head magazine said on their July cover after our win, ‘Winning is just the beginning’


    Here are a selection of our highlights:


    As well as our Creative Head feature, we travelled to Paris for a winners photoshoot. It was full-on but a great chance to show the world what we have to offer. Everyone loved the iconic bob that helped us win the trophy and we shook it up a bit for the photoshoot. We’re still offering it now – ask one of the salon staff about it when you call to book your appointment.




    We unveiled our A/W 16 Femme Fatale collection, full of strong and powerful haircuts. We like to empower women!


    And our Sinéad also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. However, there was no putting her feet up as she also started a virtual consultation service to be able to give expert advice to customers wanting a hair makeover but nervous or worried about what to do.




    The team flew to Lisbon for the World L’Oreal Colour Trophy. Faced with salons from all over the world, we knew the competition would be tough so we were amazed and delighted when we won the Young Talent Award. Go team!




    Time for another magazine feature in Creative Head Magazine. Our executive stylist Sara Bergatini gave an interview and showed off some of the collection.




    We were thrilled to win Best Local Salon at the Motherhood London awards. We love giving mums  a new hair cut and  colour and understand the power a change can be on moods and energy levels. Sinéad’s a mum of two – she’s experienced it herself! That’s why this award meant a lot.



    Also, we celebrated the salon’s 7th birthday in February. Sinéad moved to London from Dublin so to set up her own salon was a challenge, so each birthday feels like a real milestone.



    Executive stylist Sara Bergatini did the hair for Miss Sweden’s cover of E magazine. How gorgeous are those glossy Hollywood waves?



    Also, we started practising with L’Oreal’s brand new product #colourfulhair This product enables everyone to have a brand new colour for a night out. It’s make-up for hair and staff and customers alike are enjoying experimenting.




    We were invited to attend the London and South East regional finals of the L’Oreal colour trophy. It was an inspiring evening and made us want to enter the competition again. Watch out for us!




    Executive stylist Vas Mikellides launched his Metallurgy collection. This one’s all about colour and there are some show-stopping colours. What do you think of the looks below?




    Executive stylists Vas Mikellides and Sara Bergatini joined Sinead in a shoot for Elle magazine! It’s super hush-hush right now but we’ll share details on the blog very soon.


    Looking back on the past year makes us feel so proud! Thanks to all our loyal friends and clients – we couldn’t have done it without you.

    If you want to keep up with our latest news be sure to follow SineadKellyLDN on Instagram.

    June 30, 2017

    How To Look Like A Celeb At A Festival


    With the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals in June and Wireless in July, festival season has crept up on us again. Have you planned your outfits and hairstyles yet?

    We all know that we feel better when we look our best and there’s no way we can leave things to chance on a festival site. There’s no electricity and not much access to running water so a blow dry each day is out of the question. However, trying some new festival-appropriate hair styles can actually be really fun, even if you’re normally very conservative with your hair.

    These are our top 5 ideas for festival hair that will make you feel fabulous:

    Sinéad Kelly London senior stylist Sara Bergatini’s Mohawk


    After winning the Young Talent award at the L’Oréal World Colour Trophy, you can guarantee Sara has her finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion.

    One of the coolest styles that she recently did on herself is this mohawk inspired up-do with loose knots at the back. It keeps her hair off her face so she can dance while the loose volume gives her face some softness for a bit of boho chic. Taking this out would give her some nice beachy volume so it’s a look that you could wear on day one and re-invent for day two. What do you think?

    Kylie Jenner’s Braids



    Kylie’s one of the Queens of Coachella and she always goes the extra mile with her outfits and hair. We particularly love this colourful braided look as it’s so fresh and on-trend.

    A festival is the ideal time to try out colourful hair and it’s now easier than ever to experiment thanks to L’Oreal’s new Colourful Hair products. Available in 8 intermixable shades and with various intensity from pastel to bold, you can have one striking colour or rainbow hair like Kylie. Then the boxer braids make the colour stand out even more. We love doing those on our clients as they’re quick and simple but look striking.

    Sara Bergatini’s Braid Twist



    We told you Sara was a genius when it came to festival hair! If you’re not having colour as Kylie had then you can afford to be more creative with your braiding. It will make people stop and look twice at the complexity of it, but as Sara knows what she’s doing it didn’t take her much time to do.
    First, she’ll wash and dry your hair and make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled using a Tangle Teezer. That’s the first step for all festival hair – wash it before you go as you don’t know when you’ll next get chance. After that, the top section of your hair will be plaited in a normal fashion, then she’ll do mini fishtail braids at the sides a couple of times down the length of the hair. One things for sure, you won’t feel boring or average with hair like this.

    Gigi Hadid’s headband and waves 



    Headbands hide a lot of hair troubles – from grease to frizz! It’s refreshing to see that even one of the world’s most beautiful models needs to use a headband at a festival. Even she needs help to cope with the humidity and lack of access to blow drying equipment!

    What’s nice about Gigi’s hair in this look is that it’s laid back and low maintenance. To achieve it, simply rough dry and then secure with a headband. The next day, shake some Batiste dry shampoo into it, brush through with your fingertips and you’re ready to go again. A colourful or embellished headband would look especially cool. For extra waves, put your hair in braids like Kylie Jenner’s the day before. Then shake out for easy, no-fuss waves. This is effortless beauty at its best.

    Sinead Kelly London trainee Shannon’s icy blonde plaits



    Ice blonde is one of the hottest colours in celeb land right now. Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry and Khloe Kardashian are just a few who are blonder than blonde right now.
    However, for a festival we suggest combining blonde with a braid for two reasons. Firstly, ice blonde hair can look dirty quickly if not washed regularly. Second, the blonde trend is fast catching on and nobody wants to look the same as another girl on the festival site. You want everyone to look at you and think ‘Wow!’ and they’ll certainly do that if you double French pleat it.

    This look requires a bit of patience to make sure all your hair is pulled back and secured but it’s totally worth it as it will last all weekend long. You’ll never have to push it back out of your eyes or worry about how you’ll style it the next day, leaving you more time to think about what bands you want to see and to check out handsome men in the crowds 😉

    We hope that leaves you feeling inspired! Remember these are only our top 5 ideas – come in and see us if you want a bespoke festival style that will not only last for the whole occasion but will make you feel like a rock chick yourself.

    Enjoy festival season!

    June 16, 2017

    SK Shows You: Half-Term Hair Inspiration


    Do you find your social life gets busier in summer? When the weather’s nice, everyone wants to celebrate and that often means we spend our lives constantly getting ready for events and parties. Admittedly it’s a good situation to be in, but it can be hard to find the time or inspiration to plan our hair, make up and outfit when it gets to the 10th event of the season. Then if you’ve got kids running around, a husband being annoying or even the latest guy you hooked up with on Tinder constantly pestering you, it’s even tougher to find the time.

    However, that’s where we can help you just in time for the half-term holidays and plenty of time ahead of the summer ones. In our last blog post, we mentioned that we’ve revamped our social media accounts. On Instagram, you’ll find more of salon owner Sinead’s personality coming through. She’s a busy mum of two with a packed diary and she finds time to get glammed up. Following her will make you want to do the same.



    YouTube is the place where we show you exactly how to experiment with new styles, most of which are quick and simple and will leave you feeling a lot happier with your hair and style. For half-term week when there are more things to do than ever, this style might come in useful:

    We’ll be uploading videos on braids and ponytails very soon, but if you want to get cracking on some new looks straight away. Here are a couple of ideas:

    (1) Side Ponytail


    All you need to do is tease your hair at the top just a little to get some volume at your roots and then comb it back down a little to smooth things out. Then, pull your hair into a side ponytail and if you want, you can take a piece of the hair at the bottom portion underneath the ponytail to wrap it around and pin it around your ponytail. Pull some hair out of the other side to create a softer look.

    A side ponytail is a lot more interesting to look at than a standard ponytail and will make you feel like you’ve made an effort.

    (2) Braided Bun


    All you need to do for this elegant updo is make three braids and you’ll come out with a hairstyle that looks like you had it done at a salon. Start by separating your hair into three different sections from the top of your head. Take the middle section and create a low ponytail. Braid this ponytail, secure with a small rubber band and take your braid and wrap it around the elastic, creating a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins.

    Next, take one of your side sections and braid that. Once braided, wrap it around the bun at the nape of your neck, securing with bobby pins. Repeat for the remaining section of hair. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.


    May 30, 2017

    Sinead Kelly London Launches #SKShowsYou


    After re-launching the salon’s website and blog earlier this year, we thought it was time to shake up our social media accounts. Sinéad Kelly London never does things by halves!

    The first change you’ll notice is on our Instagram account. Follow SineadKellyLdn if you’re not already doing so, which will be taken over by Sinéad herself and she’ll be sharing everything! From hair, beauty and fashion to family life, you’ll see behind the scenes and follow her daily antics. This is not a faceless Instagram – this is real-life! Plus she’ll show you the salon team’s personalities as well as hairstyles that they’ve created in the salon that we hope you’ll find inspiring. From festival braids to colour to big bouncy blowdries – you’ll find it all on our new Instagram.

    The second change is on our the Sinead Kelly London YouTube channel (please subscribe!) Salon founder Sinéad Kelly will be doing regular How To videos to show everyone at home how they can look more glamorous and feel more confident with their hair. Sinead’s a busy mum of two with several projects on the go and yet she finds time to do her hair. She’ll be explaining her secrets – just like you can see in the video below – and the best news is that you don’t need to be a hair expert nor do you need to have tons of time.

    What did you think of the video? The hashtag #SKShowsYou reflects that Sinéad Kelly is demonstrating what to do.

    And if you can’t wait for the Instagram videos on YouTube, there will be daily Sinéad Kelly Ldn Instagram Stories. We like to have fun on Instagram as you can see by some of our fave pics:


    Salon staff recreating the Charlie’s Angels pose


    Experimenting with colour and braids for the ultimate festival fashion

    Experimenting with colour and braids for the ultimate festival fashion



    Vas Mikelides’ ‘Metallurgy’ collection


    Sinead during a video shoot showing how to create braids

    Sinead during a #SKShowsYou video shoot showing how to create braids



    The team at the L’Oreal Colour Trophy London heats, which we won in 2016


    We look forward to receiving your comments. If you want instructions about a particular hairstyle or need hair advice, just leave a comment on our YouTube channel or Instagram post and we’ll always reply.

    May 12, 2017