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March 2018

    4 Fab Spring Hair Trends


    While the Beast from the East has reared its ugly head on the weather front too many times this year, now the clocks have gone forward we’re optimistic that Spring is finally on its way. The daffodils are out in the parks and the sun’s lighter for longer – these are all things to get excited about.

    Spring is all about fresh starts, spring cleaning our homes, our wardrobes and our looks. As we update our outfits to wear lighter and more colourful items, we should take time to give our hair a new lease of life. The effect it has on our moods is always positive.

    Taking inspiration from celebrities, bloggers and the catwalks, these are the hottest colours and cut trends to try this Spring:

    Honey Blonde Hair



    It seems like everyone was dyeing their hair peroxide and platinum blonde last year. But this year we can hold the bleach and the quality of our will thank us for it. Look at  Blake Lively (above) for hair inspo – she looks gorgeous with this hair trend.

    Not a natural blonde? Take notes from natural dark haired beauties like Jessica Alba and Beyonce who both have rocked golden blonde highlights. Sinéad Kelly London are colour specialists – if you want blonde, we’ll help you find the right shade for you.


    Fringe Bobs



    Can’t decide between long and effortless beach waves or a sleek modern bob? Why pick one when you can have both because the fringe bob is officially here. Actress Nina Dobrev nails this look.

    Use a texturizing or sea salt spray to get that beachy look and feel super confident when you look in the mirror. We love how low-key this look is with easier maintenance than a blunt cut.


    Charcoal and Charcoal Balayage



    Forget silver, now charcoal coloured hair is taking over on Instagram and Pinterest. Charcoal hair color is all about creating a fantastic balance of silver, black and blue tones for a smouldering look. It’s a delicate mix of colours to create the balance, but you can trust the L’Oreal colour trophy winners at Sinéad Kelly London.

    The colour can be achieved by using a balayage technique and your stylist will hand paint the tones onto your strands. It’s a high maintenace look, but you will turn heads wherever you go.


    A Curtain Fringe


    This is the way to wear a fringe in 2018. If you’re already growing out your fringe, it’s a way to rock the in-between stage. If you’re just cutting a fringe for the first time, it’s a great option to ease you into the styling routine. Ask  for long fringe with enough weight so that the fringe can be parted in the centre or swept to the side.


    Hopefully this gives you some inspiration! If you need more, remember that you can book a virtual consultation with salon owner Sinéad and utilise her years of experience at the top of the hair industry. (More details can be found in this blog post).

    March 29, 2018