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February 2018

    Happy 8th Birthday To Us!


    We’re proud to announce that Sinéad Kelly London has just turned eight!

    It feels like just yesterday that the doors of the Barnes salon opened their doors for the first time. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, which we’ll go into in more detail later in this blog post.

    First, it’s time to celebrate the birthday by focusing on two special and unique perks for our customers. These will give you access to Sinéad herself, the founder of the salon, who has had years of experience at the top of the hair industry in both Dublin and London. She’s worked with celebs, she’s won awards and her name is at the top of the salon door. And yet, she’s willing to help everyone look their best without spending more money than their regular cut / colour.

    The personalised offer is either:
    1) Have a virtual consultation with Sinead over FaceTime or Skype. She will analyse your current style and advise you on how to make over your hair in a way that will make you feel confident with a new lease of life. She’ll be 100% honest so that you leave the salon with a style that you love.


    2) Email in a photo of yourself and tell us how you’d like your hair and the team will liaise with you by email or over the phone (whatever you prefer) to ensure you pick the perfect style before making your way into the salon.

    Both are super simple to book. Simply call the salon on 020 8392 2444 and pay a £50 deposit which will be taken off the price of your award-winning styling service.




    We couldn’t have reached eight years in business without the support of you, our customers, so thank you to all our friends and clients for backing us and trusting us with your hair. Highlights have included:

    Winning the L’Oréal Colour Trophy, first winning the London heats and then for the whole of the UK





    Support from clients including TV presenter Holly Willoughby, whose hair Sinéad personally looks after.




    Winning the World L’Oréal New Talent award at The Meo Arena in Portugal in front of 20,000 people from hundreds of salons from around the world.


    Growing the family with a team of talented staff plus Sinéad’s two beautiful sons, not forgetting dog Alfie



    Positive coverage in magazines, newspapers and blogs including Creative Head magazine and Eimear Varian Barry’s blog





    We can’t wait to see what the next few years bring! Thanks again for all your support.

    February 27, 2018

    Date Night Hair: Up Dos To Flatter Your Face

    You’ve got the dress, the shoes and the clutch bag but have you worked out how you’re going to wear your hair for date night yet? Changing your style from wearing it down to rocking a sleek, sophisticated up do will signify that you’ve made an extra special effort…plus you get to let it down at the end of the night.

    We know that how you feel about your hair will dictate how you feel on the date. You just can’t beat the feeling of loving what you see in the mirror and knowing that you look hot! This is why you need to chose an up do that matches your face shape and hair type. That’s where we’re here to help. Here’s a mini guide to up-dos and face shapes:


    Best For Round Faces

    If, like Emma Stone, you possess a round face, you need to focus on building weight on the round edges of the face to create structure.  A little height in the crown will elongate the face shape perfectly, and a side parting will also help to compliment your face. A messy bun is the style for you.



    Begin by loosely tonging the hair to create a slight wave and texture. Pull the hair into a low ponytail before wrapping it around itself to create a bun. Pull strands of the bun out to create texture.

    Once in place, pull the sides of your hair to loosen it up because anything too tight or flat to the head will only emphasis a round face.



    Best For Heart Shaped Faces

    A side swept fringe are the absolute perfect hairstyle for a heart-shaped face which typically has a large forehead and a narrower chin. A fringe draws attention to the side and away from the narrow chin, hiding that large or wide forehead.



    You may have a side-swept fringe already, in which case, leave it down and take the sides of the hair back to create a half-up, half-down style. You could also keep it down and sweep it up into a messy pony, a look that Reese Witherspoon rocks! If you don’t already have a fringe, you can create the illusion of them with a dramatic side-swept part. Literally part your hair at the side of your head and sweep it over, pinning it behind the opposite ear so it looks like a fringe. It’s a simple way to get a fringe without any commitment.


    Best For Square Faces

    For square faces, you’ll want to show off your strong jaw line with an updo that’s cleanly pulled back from your face. So you can try a ponytail that’s level with your eye line and keep it sleek and sultry.



    To do this, add in a defining or texturizing cream and roughly blow dry your hair. Tease it a bit for additional volume and texture and pull it back into a ponytail. You can also add a ponytail hair extension for a really dramatic look.


    Best For Oval Shaped Faces

    Oval shapes are lucky enough to suit most styles but you have to pick one, so what to choose? We like to go back to basics and revisit the French Twist. When you shake this down before bed, it gives you gorgeous volume – its very sexy, as Mila Kunis shows.



    Start by back combing your hair, concentrating on the crown and centre back of your head. Sweep all of your hair back with your hands and create the twist up the center of the back securing with bobby pins. Once secured, pull out pieces around your hairline and throughout the updo for a more casual undone feel. For a more formal and polished look, use hairspray to smooth the updo.


    Enjoy date night! Lots of love from the Sinéad Kelly London team.

    February 12, 2018