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April 2017

    Spring Hair Trends


    We spring clean our homes and our wardrobes, but what about our hairstyles? If you are feeling a bit fed up of your hairstyle, now is the time to change it!

    As the sun’s coming out and we’re starting to wear spring and summer outfits, it’s the ideal time to give ourselves a fresh new look. Giving yourself a fringe or changing your colour can dramatically change your mood and your attitude and make you feel confident and ready for whatever the season holds.

    Here are our picks of the most fabulous five new hairstyles to try this Spring:

     (1) The Bardot Fringe

    It’s time to go a bit continental this spring and look at how chic French ladies are wearing their hair. Paris fashion week saw lots of elegant women with long wide fringes parted in the middle, echoing back to Brigitte Bardot. This trend is also popular with celebs like Chloe Grace Moretz (above), Taylor Swift and Penelope Cruz.

    If you like this style, make sure you choose the right fringe for your face shape as some of us better suit blunt fringes. A consultation with your stylist at Sinéad Kelly London will help you find the perfect fringe for your face shape.

    The Modern Bob


    A bob never goes out of fashion but this season we’ll see a different line in it to make it softer and more feminine, just like Keira Knightley’s cut.

    Rather than a classic one-length bob, we’ll see shorter back and longer sides or a more pageboy look with soft layered texture to enhance the movement of the hair cut. You’ll find a cut like this super easy to maintain for effortless elegance – day and night.

    The Layered Lob


    This is taking the lob from last year and modernising it with some choppy layers. It’s a little messier and more undone.

    The key characteristic of this long bob are that goes from shorter at the back to longer at the front. Also, soft layers are incorporated throughout to give it movement. Thankfully, it’s a super easy style to maintain. Simply use a flat paddle brush to blow-dry, then follow up with a one-inch curling wand to create some movement and show off those layers.

    Hair contouring


    Hair contouring uses freehand coloring and highlighting to enhance face shapes. Highlighting and shading certain parts of the hair can create the illusion of a different face shape, depending on what you want to accentuate. Just like the makeup technique, light shades are for highlighting and darker shades are for creating a shadow effect. Check out Chrissy Teigen for a great example of a celeb that’s contoured their hair.

    Everyone know what they do and don’t like when they look at their face in the mirror; you dress to accentuate your best assets and do your makeup to highlight the features you love the most. Colour contouring is a way of doing this with hair colour and gives us the ability to soften areas and highlight others.

    White Hot

    If subtlety isn’t your thing plus you’re cool with being high-maintenance, then high impact platinum is an excellent option. Going much lighter and significantly brighter will definitely be a trend this season and into summer. It’s a bigger commitment all round but makes a serious statement. This is not a style to be tried at home as it’s easy to get wrong and this will severely damage your hair. Get it done at Sinéad Kelly London, where we have Olaplex to keep the condition of your hair healthy and shiny.

    Which spring style do you most like the look of?

    April 26, 2017