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April 2016

    Hair loss post pregnancy


    It’s common for many women to enjoy fuller, thicker hair during pregnancy but can find they experience hair loss after the baby has arrived. This can be traumatic, especially at such an emotional period in a woman’s life. Here we explain more about why it happens and what can be done to promote hair growth and keep hair healthy post pregnancy.

    What causes hair loss post pregnancy?

    Two to three months after birth some women may notice their hair start to fall out. Oestrogen levels drop back down from their increased rate during pregnancy, where it’s needed for growth. This dip in hormones causes more hair follicles to enter the resting stage, and then fall out in the shower or after brushing.

    Not all women will notice a significant change in hair loss, and those who do should see their hair returning to its pre-pregnancy state between eight to twelve months after your baby is born.

    Did you know all women lose around 100 hairs a day?

    How to keep your hair healthy post pregnancy?

    Although there isn’t anything you can do to stop the hair loss caused by hormones there are several steps you can try to help your hair maintain a healthy look and give you the confidence to carry on looking great.

    • Limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair to avoid damage and breakages occurring. We recommend using tongs or straighteners no more than twice a week to give your hair the chance to strengthen.
    • Maintain a healthy diet. We all watch what we eat during pregnancy but it’s equally important for our own bodies that we carry on eating plenty of protein-rich foods and vegetables after birth. Try to drink plenty of water to make sure your body is well hydrated.
    • Avoid harsh over brushing. Whether your hair is wet or dry try not to brush too rigorously, even if your hair is knotty. Use a tangle teaser or soft brush and gently sweep through the hair to prevent even more breakages.
    • Take omega 3. These essential fatty acids can promote a healthy scalp which in turn helps hair growth.
    • Use a shampoo and hair mask as part of your hair routine. We recommend Kerastase Initialiste hair and scalp serum that works to help hair feel and look shinier with more vitality.
    • Finally, we would recommend you visit your hairdressers post baby for an intensive conditioning treatment and a couple of inches off the length. This may seem a lot but it will get rid of wispy ends and stimulate further hair growth. At Sinéad Kelly London we have family day every Tuesday where you can bring your baby along to your appointment.

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    L’Oreal Colour Trophy National Finalists 2016

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    Sinéad Kelly London team celebrate their win

    We are delighted to announce we were awarded first place in the London regional heat of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards 2016.

    Colourist Vas Mikellides and stylist Sara Bergantini fought off strong competition and wowed a panel of high-profile award winning judges with their Autumn/Winter 2016/17 fashion-inspired look.We were the only independent salon in London to reach the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final event in June.

    Sinéad said: “We were over the moon when they called our name first. I’m extremely proud of my team who truly are some of the best in the business. We chose to go with the blue colour as the denim trend is so fashionable at the moment, plus it gave us the opportunity to show our skills working with bold colours. We can’t wait to compete at the National Final in June.“

    “I would like to say a special thank you to model Natasha Underwood and make up artist Cristina Maxim.”

    Model Natasha Underwood in the final catwalk

    On Monday 13 June 2016 the team will have to complete one final challenge to win the prestigious award as they compete against the winners from the other regions for the top title. The Grand Final show, which is being held at the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2 in London, promises a thrilling and inspirational evening featuring spectacular hair shows by some of the industry’s most illustrious names in hairdressing followed by a 5 course dinner and the awards presentation.

    The overall winners from the competition will be awarded a once-in-a-lifetime prize package which includes a 3 day European trip with a photo shoot to showcase their winning look, a fashion shoot with a leading consumer

    April 22, 2016

    Fight the frizz


    The change in weather and the never ending rain is a frizz-sufferers worst enemy.

    Until someone invents an umbrella that protects hair from moisture in the air as well as the rain, frizz will be a longstanding nightmare during and after a downpour.

    Hair that has suffered cuticle and protein structure damage is more prone to humidity-induced frizz. So hair that has become dry and damaged through heat and chemical treatments is not going to fare well in the rain.

    To avoid frizz creeping up when the heavens open, follow our tips to make sure your hair is full of moisture for all the right reasons.

    1. Avoid sulfate-based shampoos, which can strip hair of moisture. To help seal the cuticle, apply an intensively hydrating yet lightweight conditioner.
    1. Don’t rough dry your hair with a towel whenever it is wet. Blot dry instead, removing moisture without ruffling the cuticles.
    1. Start any style with heat protector.
    1. Blow dry until completely dry, with no remaining hint of moisture.
    1. Use anti-frizz serum and apply sparingly.
    1. Try using a spritz of hairspray as it will act as an extra barrier between your hair and the elements.
    1. Let hair cool completely before venturing outside. Alternatively, finish off your style using the cold setting on your hairdryer. This will ensure that hair cuticles lay flat, making it harder for water vapour to sneak its way in.
    1. Avoid touching your hair. As hair will already be porous from the humid surroundings, any contact with sweat and heat can push moisture into the hair shaft, raising the cuticles and encouraging frizz.
    1. If the weather forecast his looking miserable opt for an up do to reduce the chance of frizz ruining your look.